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Thanks for joining me at The PODS blog. This blog will explore abuse in teenage relationships therefore will often include sensitive topics. Viewers discretion is advised. 

I experienced domestic abuse as a teenager and my abuser was the same age as me.  Our relationship started when we were both thirteen and spanned over ten years. Early on in the relationship I did not recognise the subtle taunts of emotional and verbal abuse as any form of domestic abuse.  As our relationship continued, it quickly escalated to psychological, physical, sexual and financial abuse.  My abuser had developed patterns of controlling and coercive behaviours that left my daughter and I traumatised by what we had both experienced and witnessed. Trauma cannot be measured therefore, it has been a long and hard road on our journey to healing as we were both deeply affected by past events. I am pleased to say we have both recovered and now live the life we choose, one free from fear, torment and abuse. 

My hopes are to assist both victims and perpetrators to seek help to escape the cycle of domestic abuse. 1 in 5 teenagers have been physically abused by their partners (NSPCC, 2018), lets try and be a part of the change that is needed firstly by sharing this blog, with the hopes and intentions that it will reach someone who needs it at this present time.

Right before every ‘Breakthrough’ you will feel as if you are ‘Breaking Down’. This is a test of resilience, keep going and reap the rewards for continuing, everything will be ok with the right help and support. 

Please find links to further help and support on this page.

Protect Our Daughters and Sons

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